Everyone's A Player

Providing Sports Opportunities
for Kids in the Merrimack Valley and Lowell

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  • 6th Annual EAP Golf Tournament at Andover Country Club on September 18, 2017
Please join us for the 6th Annual Golf Tournament at Andover Country Club on Monday, September 18th.  It's a great event and EAP's biggest fundraiser of the year.  To register to play or get more info on the tournament, please visit our Golf website http://www.eapgolftournament.com/

If you are not a golfer, please consider sponsoring.  We have many initiatives that we are funding this year and every dollar that is raised at the tournament will go directly to kids/athletes in need in our community.  A few of the initiatives EAP is funding from the golf tournament include:

  • Partnering to fund a two week multi-sport summer camp for 300 youths in Lawrence 
  • Supporting 6 basketball teams from Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill to play in a summer basketball league
  • Gym gear and equipment for some middle schools in Lawrence
  • Outfitting a select number of Lowell and Haverhill high school track athletes with proper gear
  • Organizing and funding year round tennis clinics for inner city youths as well as providing equipment and gear for high school teams
  • Awarding 10 scholarships for college showcase camps
  • Supporting high school athletes and potentially teams to attend regional or national events based on qualifications 
If you would like more information about playing or sponsoring, please contact Mary Ellen Madden at memadden@comcast.net .

Past Events:  

  • 5th Annual EAP Golf Tournament at Andover Country Club on May 31, 2016
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day for the tournament this year! The weather was beautiful and the day was a huge success. We were so grateful to have over 100 golfers participate and 60 + sponsors on board, which was a record for the tournament. We were also honored to have coaches and students from Lowell High School, Lawrence High School, Mercedes Baseball, and United Conquerors Basketball speak at the event and be part of the special day.  We are excited to support these outstanding programs and many others in the Merrimack Valley and Lowell with the fund raised at the tournament!

Congratulations to Scott Ouellet, Coach of Lowell High School Track and Cross Country program, for being selected as EAP's 2016 Coach of the Year and also congratulations to the winners of the tournament - Team Lowell General/Circle Health!  

  • 5th Annual EAP Celebration Party at Jaime's Restaurant on February 4th 
Jaime's was rocking on Feb 4th for EAP's annual anniversary party! We are so grateful for all the friends and supports who came out to rally around this great cause.  And a great big thank you to Jaime's for hosting and donating food, Stachey's Pizza for providing pizza, the The Foggy Duo for the great music, and to Elements Massage in Andover and Middleton, Rose & Dove Specialty Gifts, Athletic Enterprises, Dottie's Delights and Good Day Cafe for their generous raffle donations.

  • 4th Annual EAP Golf Tournament on Tuesday, May 26th 2015 at Andover Country Club.

It was another wonderful day of golf at the Andover Country Club!  A great big thank you to all our sponsors, golfers, volunteers, athletes, coaches and all others who participated to make the event a huge success!!  With the funds raised, we are excited to be able to provide several additional scholarships for high school athletes to attend college showcase camps in the remainder of 2015 and fund a number of teams to play in summer and fall leagues and participate in regional and national events.  

  • 4th Annual EAP Celebration Party at Jaime's in January 2015.  

We can't thank our donors enough for their continued support of Everyone's A Player.  This year's celebration party was a huge success!  As a result, we will be helping many deserving athletes and programs this spring in the Merrimack Valley further their athletic endeavors.  We are really excited about the potential of these athletes and program and wish them much success.  Thank you for all that you do to make a difference in the lives many athletes in our community!  

This year, EAP selected Raymond Nunez, Lawrence High School Varsity Basketball coach, our Coach of the Year Award, for his commitment, dedication and the incredible work he has done for the Lawrence Community.  EAP will present his award at our annual golf tournament on May 26, 2015 at the Andover Country Club.  

  • 3rd Annual EAP Celebration Party at Jaime's.  

Thank you to all who supported us at the Everyone's A Player 3rd Celebration Party at Jaime's in January.   It was a great night and big success!  With the money raised, we will be helping many deserving athletes throughout the Merrimack Valley and Lowell for spring and summer athletic programs.  

Also, a big congratulations to Stephanie McArdle, Executive Director & Founder of Beyond Soccer in Lawrence, who was awarded the second annual EAP Coach's Award for her outstanding service in the Merrimack Valley community.  



  • May 27, 2014 - The third Annual EAP Golf Tournament at Andover Country Club was a huge success!  With the support of over 100 golfers and 80 sponsors and donors, EAP is able to provide many deserving athletes in our community the opportunity to participate in organized sporting programs.  And giving them an chance for a brighter and more positive future.   Thanks to all who participated and continue to help to make a difference in the lives of many athletes throughout the Merrimack Valley.   


              • Second Annual EAP Golf Tournament at Andover Country Club

              Our second annual golf tournament was a huge success!  We want to thank all of the sponsors, donors and golfers who took part in our tournament.  With their generosity and support, so many deserving kids will have the opportunity to participate in sporting programs throughout the Merrimack Valley.  Save the date for next years tournament on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.   

              • Fuddruckers Fundraiser

              EAP held a fundraiser to support Beyond Soccer at Fuddruckers in April 2013.

              Everyone's A Player is working together with Beyond Soccer in Lawrence to provide soccer equipment and support for their youth soccer program!  It was a great success and we were able to provide over 200 soccer related items for the program.

              Thank you for supporting this worthy cause.

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